So what was this project all about? Table 1 was the last remaining particle board table from the original layout of the 70's. It had the frame replaced when table 2 was replaced and tables 3-6 added, but, to save time, still had a particle board surface and the slightly modified original brass 9 inch section track.
This project finally became mandatory in order to remodel the yard throat, extend the yard leader, and provide better yard access to the mainline (project 2009_2). The extended yard leader, in turn, will serve the new 130 foot turntable (project 2010_1), which also required changes to the passenger station approach tracks.
Before side view Before end view
Table 1 (the "long turnaround" end table) prior to reconstruction
sag sag
This is one big disadvantage of particle board, it sags even when supported and spanning only 2 feet
rust and rot
Another disadvantage is nails get exposed to moisture in particle board and, unless galvanized, they rust. Pulling the nails tears out chunks of the board as if it were rotted.
Table 1 seen from operators position Table 1 seen from the far end (Citgo sign goes here) Table 1 seen from yard throat
Old table 1 from different angles after removing the track. Notice all the "divets"
Table 1's frame
This is table 1's frame, notice the extra strut at one end to try to make the surfaces match.
New surface small mismatch Warped 4x8
The new 4x8 surface board in place. A slight mismatch in height was later corrected by adjusting the legs and reclamping the table ends. The 4x8 had been sitting in storage on its edge and had warped a little, so we left it unattached for several days to flaten out.
All done
The finished table with a shorter loop (roadbed only so far in this shot). The shorter loop is necessary to make room for the extended yard leader (third track on right).